Water damage restoration help from churches in South Florida.

I believe many of us have heard a lot about the horrific hurricanes in the south Florida area. We asking all of you to help restore many of the homes still broken down in the Miami area. We’ve spoken with Disaster Relief Pros in the area and they’re agreeing to help us help them. With a donation you can help many people revive from the water damage Sunrise FL and Miami have been hit with.


These families need help. Recently our church took a trip to the area. It seems to the wealthy and the very poor we’re the ones that lost the least. Everyone had damage and those who don’t have insurance or the income to repair go without. There are homes in the south Miami region that currently have toxic amounts of mold with children living in them.

Go ahead and reach out to us today and donate even a dollar. We’d be happy to send that directly to the professionals and have more and more families helped and lives back to normal.

Paving a new driveway was easy with the help of Custom Pavers!

When you’re a small church, attracting new members is very important. That is why we’ve worked hard to bring up the appearance of the grounds. If you’re looking to join a new church then feel free to stop by. We may be small, but our hospitality is high and you’re welcome as you are whenever you’re in need of faith.


Custom Pavers, as well as landscaping and masonry companies, have helped to improve the overall look of our church. we cannot be more thankful for the help of pavers Venice FL, landscaping, hardscaping, and masonry.

Come by and check out all the upgrades for yourself! We’re waiting to help you become a member of our organization. Donations are optional, but showing up at the pearly gates is not!

Thank the Lord for KD&G!

Sunday started just as the usual Sunday would. However when we went to open the garage to let the two church vans out to pick up Sunday school students the door wouldn’t open. We looked all over and couldn’t find any issues. The garage door clicker just wouldn’t budge. We decided to call the father in to see if he would be able to solve the problem for us.

He joined us in attempting to fix the garage door and he could not figure it out either. We decided it was going to require a professional and fast. The professional garage door repair company we decided to call was KD&G Doors in New Haven CT they rushed right on out to help us.

After only a couple hours we could get the vans our of the garage and go and pick up the children from school. This Sunday may have started a little rough but we for sure pulled it off and fixed the problem. Local businesses like KD&G help out churches just like us more and more. We aren’t reliant on them here at RedPoint but we do appreciate their hard work more and more.

What do you have planned for the future?

As a young adult, you may be attempting to put together what everyone is telling you and figure out how it’s supposed to lead you to the life you want to live. If you’re the type of person that is open to what they want to do and really aren’t sure yet it’s okay. If you’re the person that knows exactly the path you’re going to take to ultimately lead you to be successful then fantastic.

To those of you that already know exactly what you’re going to do ask yourself these next few questions. With God in mind, where did you learn the skills and the necessary path in order to build that successful? How can you build on it more and more? How can you find more people and ways to learn and grow? How can you use pest control to rid your relationships of toxic people?

When you’re not sure what you’re going to do you have many options. Many people will tell you to follow your passion. I say follow Jesus and he will lead you to your passion. Ask yourself if your passion is actually profitable or does it cost more many than it can make you. Both of these situations are fine and you can grow either one.
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Listen to Courtney Hammersmith from Vineyard, a student in one of Boise’s high schools:

“I will graduate next year and during the past 2 years, I have started taking more and more leadership roles in my local chapter. I go where God leads me and I’m passionate about art, especially religious art. My church has always been very supportive and I’m now planning to participate in local art exhibitions.

We work together with other teenagers from my neighborhood and have created a local bible study group destined to unlock the potential that each of us has inside.

Once I finish high school, I’m planning to join a prestigious university in the south to study in more detail the Bible and the word of God. I’m currently applying for a scholarship. Later on, I would definitely want to be a minister to pass on the knowledge I’m currently getting and to inspire more fellow Christians to take the same path.

It has been a fantastic journey so far, and I hope and believe that many more amazing things are coming. My parents have been very supportive and like the fact that I’m committing myself to self-improvement and helping others.

What is better than doing God’s work every day honestly? I feel blessed and full of energy every single day that God makes.”

Redpoint Magazine is all about telling ministry stories and giving teens a voice.

Empowering the youth and give them a chance to express themselves is the main goal. We all want to know how they found God and how they live as Christians every day.

Discover more inside about the stories of Nathan, Rasheena, Bill and Chloe. Their diverse background, their different ethnicities, and beliefs all come together when it comes to religion.

All Vineyard programs are represented, from Boise to Anaheim, you will get a complete overview of their involvement and their daily life as youth ministers.

Youth groups did a lot for them and they are all grateful to have been part of such an exciting community. Let them tell you about their final project and what they accomplished throughout their journey.

Exciting get-togethers and trips have forged a strong community, united by a common spirit of faith and eager to do the work of God.

Jesus Culture events and informal meetings spice up their daily life and help improve their lives and lives of their loved ones.