Listen to Courtney Hammersmith from Vineyard, a student in one of Boise’s high schools:

“I will graduate next year and during the past 2 years, I have started taking more and more leadership roles in my local chapter. I go where God leads me and I’m passionate about art, especially religious art. My church has always been very supportive and I’m now planning to participate in local art exhibitions.

We work together with other teenagers from my neighborhood and have created a local bible study group destined to unlock the potential that each of us has inside.

Once I finish high school, I’m planning to join a prestigious university in the south to study in more detail the Bible and the word of God. I’m currently applying for a scholarship. Later on, I would definitely want to be a minister to pass on the knowledge I’m currently getting and to inspire more fellow Christians to take the same path.

It has been a fantastic journey so far, and I hope and believe that many more amazing things are coming. My parents have been very supportive and like the fact that I’m committing myself to self-improvement and helping others.

What is better than doing God’s work every day honestly? I feel blessed and full of energy every single day that God makes.”