Water damage restoration help from churches in South Florida.

I believe many of us have heard a lot about the horrific hurricanes in the south Florida area. We asking all of you to help restore many of the homes still broken down in the Miami area. We’ve spoken with Disaster Relief Pros in the area and they’re agreeing to help us help them. With a donation you can help many people revive from the water damage Sunrise FL and Miami have been hit with.


These families need help. Recently our church took a trip to the area. It seems to the wealthy and the very poor we’re the ones that lost the least. Everyone had damage and those who don’t have insurance or the income to repair go without. There are homes in the south Miami region that currently have toxic amounts of mold with children living in them.

Go ahead and reach out to us today and donate even a dollar. We’d be happy to send that directly to the professionals and have more and more families helped and lives back to normal.