Thank the Lord for KD&G!

Sunday started just as the usual Sunday would. However when we went to open the garage to let the two church vans out to pick up Sunday school students the door wouldn’t open. We looked all over and couldn’t find any issues. The garage door clicker just wouldn’t budge. We decided to call the father in to see if he would be able to solve the problem for us.

He joined us in attempting to fix the garage door and he could not figure it out either. We decided it was going to require a professional and fast. The professional garage door repair company we decided to call was KD&G Doors in New Haven CT they rushed right on out to help us.

After only a couple hours we could get the vans our of the garage and go and pick up the children from school. This Sunday may have started a little rough but we for sure pulled it off and fixed the problem. Local businesses like KD&G help out churches just like us more and more. We aren’t reliant on them here at RedPoint but we do appreciate their hard work more and more.