What do you have planned for the future?

As a young adult, you may be attempting to put together what everyone is telling you and figure out how it’s supposed to lead you to the life you want to live. If you’re the type of person that is open to what they want to do and really aren’t sure yet it’s okay. If you’re the person that knows exactly the path you’re going to take to ultimately lead you to be successful then fantastic.

To those of you that already know exactly what you’re going to do ask yourself these next few questions. With God in mind, where did you learn the skills and the necessary path in order to build that successful? How can you build on it more and more? How can you find more people and ways to learn and grow? How can you use pest control to rid your relationships of toxic people?

When you’re not sure what you’re going to do you have many options. Many people will tell you to follow your passion. I say follow Jesus and he will lead you to your passion. Ask yourself if your passion is actually profitable or does it cost more many than it can make you. Both of these situations are fine and you can grow either one.

Finding your passion can be a process for some people but the majority of us know what we love to do and what we love to spend our time on. However, we have to come to the understanding that not all of our passions will provide for you financially over the next lifetime you have. God is great and well all know that but, you still need an income.

If your passion isn’t one you can use to grow your income then find something you can enjoy doing that will both give you the money to the front your passion as well as give you a life you want to live. We all want to go to heaven and many of us will meet Jesus but, our time here is very valuable and we need to treat it like something unreplaceable.

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